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What You Need To Know When Choosing A PDR Estimator Software

PDR estimator software is a paintless dent repair program that is designed for PDR repair professionals. PDR software help techs to use an internet based platform to provide their clients with accurate estimates. There are many PDR estimator software providers. It becomes hard to select the best. Read on to know what to consider when choosing PDR estimator software.

It is vital to choose PDR estimator app that is web based. It should also have the option of being used on mobile devices. It will be easy to provide your clients with estimates from any place at any time. After you are through, you will just email your client the estimate.

Pick a PDR estimator app that is easy to use. Entering information about the vehicle like size, depth and quantity should be easy. It is an advantage to select software that can cater for special circumstances such as aluminum parts, oversized dents and contour lines. Select software with the right selections.
Identify PDR estimator software that have easy access to the pricing part. There should be a list showing the traditional replacement parts and combine labor amount. Techs need to be able to establish their own rates.

It is important to do a background check for you to identify reputable PDR estimator app providers. Google and view the portfolio of various providers. Compare the features of the software. Go through online reviews to know more about the software. Check reviews from reliable sites such as Yelp and Google.
Also, get recommendations from your associates. You will come up with a few software providers who can offer what you need. Go for an app that offers information in a reliable format. The app should be appropriate for small and large dents no matter the size and shape.
Pick a PDR estimator software that makes it easy to provide your customers with estimates within minutes. Choose an app that does not require any experience. It needs to be easy to use it. It is safe to opt for a provider who has been there for long.
Another factor to consider is cost.Cost is another factor to think about. PDR estimator software come in different prices. It is best to make comparison of multiple apps. You will be able to select software that comes at an affordable rate. When coming up with a budget consider the features offered by the software.
In addition, give consideration to a provider who provides customer support. You need to know that you can talk to a representative in case the software develops any issues. They should have fast solutions for fixing problems. For you to identify the right app, you need to make comparisons of multiple software.

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